4 Piece Hand Roll Vacuum Storage Bag 20″ X 20.50, One Size , Clear



Protect your clothes against water damage, dirt and dust, odors, mildew and insects. The compression bags are airtight and watertight. Organize your clothes, for example by family member, outfit, activity, and more. Once done, roll up the bag to save more space and better fit into suitcases and other luggage. High quality and reusable – double zippers and sealing clips ensure a secure seal for optimal compression every time. Space robbing air pockets are removed to optimize space. Durable material will last indefinite uses without hindering vacuum capacity. Caution – Keep away from flames, use caution (don’t over pack/use to much force), dry all items before storing, not for leather/fur Dimensions 20Wx20.5″H Holds up to 16-20 sweaters Nylon bonded for extra strength and longevity with a super seal valve. Designed to remove all air from the bag without allowing any air to get back in. Resists mold, mildew, dirt, dust, insects and odor 3Xs more space Maximizes closet space and all other storage spacesFeatures: Multi-UseBase Material: 100% Other 5% Or LessCountry of Origin: Imported

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