Infuse Your Finances with Joy – A Live Workshop


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As spiritual seekers and finders, we know that our essence is infinitely abundant and infinitely joyful. However, when it comes to money and finances, our journey has more often than not been rich with limitation, struggle and frustration. But that’s just part of the journey, not all of it.

There comes a time when you are invited to accept and align with your joyful, abundant nature more, and to infuse all aspects of your life with it, including money and finances. That time is now!

Sheila Applegate, a spiritual channel and manifestation coach, and Halina Goldstein, writer and (retired) spiritual mentor, have spent decades exploring our true nature and how it relates to our finances. We know how it is to not have enough money, how it is to have too much of it, and how it is to live in a state where money takes care of itself. We know the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual challenges that are part of the journey. We have developed various ways and tools to address them.

In this workshop we will provide a joyful, transformational space and within it meditative experiences, conversations and insights that will enable you to infuse more of your natural joy into every aspect of your finances and your relationship with money.

You can experience joy, freedom and flow here and now, without having to change your finances as such and without having to wait for some dream future. We will show you how to take your next steps in that direction and how to continue infusing your finances with joy.

We warmly recommend that you participate in the live workshop, so that we have a chance to address your specific questions and experiences. That said, the workshop will be recorded, and all registered participants will receive a replay.

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