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This exceptional book authored by Howard Caesar, an admired and respected spiritual teacher and leader for the past 40 years, will take the reader to new depths of understanding and experiencing the essential nature of oneness. One + One Is One is a book that inspires, informs and even entertains the reader with its engaging stories, relatable style, and practical examples. Its content transcends all boundaries of separation and speaks to the heart of every soul. Regardless of ones’ religion or no religion, One + One Is One is a practical approach to spirituality that is inclusive of all people and all creation. In the three-dimensional physical world one plus one is two. However, the author transports the reader into another dimension of living where the underlying universal spiritual principle of One + One Is One rules supreme. Caught in the conditioning perceptions of a world of separation, Howard brings you back home again to the soul’s core issue to learn in life, that he/she is one with All That Is. This book carries the reader to a place where they once again begin to realize they are part of everyone and everything… that it is All God, whatever your name or understanding of God. It helps the reader see that all suffering and unhappiness is the result of a disconnect and plugs you back into the socket of the Infinite. There is a sacred energy that flows through the pages of this book because it is about the purest spiritual principle of them all… the one that every enlightened spiritual master to walk the earth has held the highest. The principle in which love, peace, joy, health and abundance all live – it is Oneness. Join Howard as he addresses the importance and how-to’s of expanding oneness with God, yourself, others, nature, and the world.

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