Kids Funny Faces Stay-N-Play Ball XL (52cm)


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Healthy for the body and fun for the mind! The new Funny Faces Stay-N-Play Balls are 52cm, 15% larger than the original version. and feature built-in no-roll stabilizing legs that keep the ball from rolling away when not in use. Featuring funny faces your kids will love, these balls offer a fun way to keep the body active and the mind engaged while promoting healthy posture. Ideal for ages 8-10. Includes easy inflation pump. Makes sitting fun Built-in stabilizing legs Encourages healthy posture Keeps the mind engaged Ideal for ages 8-10 Measurements: 52cm ball. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Looking for a smaller size? Check out the 45cm Funny Faces Stay-N-Play Ball, ideal for ages 5-7.

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