Skin Gym Voda Face Steamer, One Size, Voda Facial



Deep clean and detox with our Voda Facial Steamer, the easy at-home solution to purify and open your pores. Just one use of this portable tool will show you the benefits of steaming face, as it utilizes micro-steam technology for softer, smoother, and more glowing skin. The facial steamer does a deep-dive into your pores and makes it easier to remove impurities, serving as a partner for your skincare products and creating a back-from-the-spa sensation.The best part is, anybody can learn how to use a facial steamer, as it can be used right from your living room!How to Use:1. Deep cleanse your face and dry with a towel2. Fill the tank of your facial steamer with water3. Press the ON button4. Use your device between 8-12 minutes, staying five inches away and keeping eyes closed to receive the full benefits of steaming face5. Gently pat your skin6. Use your facial steamer 2-3 times per week as neededWhat Does a Facial Steamer Do, and What are the Benefits?Your facial steamer emits moisturizing, smoothing, and soothing steam to open up your pores and purify your skin – resulting in a radiant complexion. The benefits of steaming face include:Concerns: Pores, Blackheads, Acne + Blemishes, CleansingSkin Type: Combination, Normal, Sensitive, Dry, OilyWhen To Use: Nighttime Skin CareCountry of Origin: Imported

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