USB Charger, One Size , White



This diminutive cable is ready to become your charging buddy! Charge any devices anywhere, anytime! Enjoy your adventure with your Buddy Cable. It has all the adapters you need! Charges your iOS and Android devices, comes with DUAL input (patented USB and Type-C) for total freedom. The helix chord is the unique part of the design that makes charging so convenient. Ships in a reusable Ziplock mini transparent bag, inner card made in recycled paper from FSC certified paper.Buddy Cable is your all-in-one charging solution for your smartphone. it is ultra-compact, so cute, and it’s the perfect companion for all travelers!Very innovative, Buddy Cable features dual power input (patented): Unlike classic charging cables, that can power from only a single tip, Buddy Cable offers input power from EITHER side of its input power tip (its arm, really!): USB tip or, if you reverse it, USB Type C tip! Mac Book Pro + iPhone users you finally have your gadget!Very compact, only 3 inches across, with an expandable cableBuddy cable is part of the ORGANIC Collection from Xoopar: its enclosure is made of Biodegradable material respectful of the planet, and its zip lock transparent packaging is sized exactly for your passportThe inner card is your instruction manual and can be unfolded inside out where it is preprint to be used as a luggage tag! Inner card in FSC certified paper.WATTAGE:3WVOLTAGE:5VACTUAL PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (NOT GIFT BOX) INCHES:3x2x0.2ACTUAL PRODUCT WEIGHT (NOT INCLUDING GIFT BOX) POUNDS:0.1

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